Galley progress

Well it feels slow and painful, but there is actually some progress being made to the galley.  After stripping it right back to the hull, the wall panels have been replaced and we have roughed in the lower cabinets.  They sure do look intimidating at this point!  It is a good thing that we are both tall, as the counters needed to be at a height of 39″ to give the oven enough room to gimbal without having it interfere with the hall to the stern cabin.  It will be nice to not be leaning over to do the dishes, etc., but I am bit worried about having hot pots so high up!

Here is a peek at the progress thus far:

galley rough in

We will have a row of cupboards along the wall behind the stove – mounted about 11 inches up, to allow for the Ice box/fridge/freezer/storage compartment which will be in the corner to open up – the use of that space is still to be determined – I am voting for a deep freeze – it might be a small space, but will still be better than what I have now, and will allow me to install a larger drawer style fridge in the space that currently holds our little mini bar fridge.  The cupboards above the counter and stove should make for good dishes storage.  I also gain the storage in the little 4″ wide cupboard beside the stove (cutting boards, cookie sheets?) and the space beneath the stove which should make for a nice big cupboard.  The storage under the sink will be far more useful than the space that was previously under the sink and shaped to the hull – just a really good place to chuck stuff and hope it didn’t fall out the next time you opened the door.

I am most excited though for the huge stretch of counter top that I will have – in the old galley configuration, the only countertop was a piece of cutting board that I had sized to fit one of the sinks – other than that, it was balancing on the edge of the stove or across the boat over the fridge.

Next step is to take all the panels out and get them primed and painted while Owen works on redoing the plumbing.  Then we can move on to getting everything installed.  I am hoping our upcoming 4 day weekend will mean a lot of progress – I am itching to get her off the dock for a day or two!

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