Progress is progress – right?

It feels like it is going so slow but there is progress being made on the galley – just not fast enough!  We have installed the lower cabinets, the stretch of counter holding the sink, the sink and the plumbing – we have running water again!  How exciting!! (seriously – when I was down there painting with 3 different colors and realized I had no way to wash the paint off my hands?  Not good!)

Oven installed



Next up is the countertop behind the stove and to the right of the stove, and then the cupboard above the stove.  The doors are all ready to go into the cupboards – they have been left out to allow Owen more room to work on the plumbing install.

The sink is being a bit of pain – refuses to be clamped down on the sides – nothing a big bead of silicone and a lot of weight can’t solve – right?

I am hoping that the next update will show a fully functioning galley – I can’t wait to fire up the oven and get out on the water!



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