Do we really need a galley?

Well yes – we do.  Unfortunately, right now, ours is completely disassembled and waiting for us to put her back together.

galley destruction

This was taken after we removed the sink and propane cook-top – the diesel stove has now been removed leaving us with a frighteningly small area to put everything back together in!

The reason for the galley destruction / refit was two-fold – until this past weekend, we had a Dickinson diesel stove in the galley, as well as a separate propane cook-top.  This worked okay at anchor or at the dock – unless of course you wanted to bake in the summer time – heating the oven up to a temperature suitable for baking resulted in the entire boat heating up to horrifying conditions – the diesel stove is actually the only heat source when the boat was not plugged in.  We solved the oven issue by buying a collapsible camp stove which fit over the propane burners – a great idea but it took up the entire cook-top so there was no multi-tasking going on.    The other problem was that neither the stove nor the cook-top gimbled – which made cooking underway very difficult (and dangerous).

We finally decided that we needed to switch out the diesel stove for a gimbled propane oven, which meant that the entire galley needed to be switched around so that the oven will be mounted on an outboard wall.  We have purchased a Dickinson 2 Caribbean burner stove and I am excited to get her installed in her new galley – isn’t she pretty?!



This weekend we will finish ripping everything out and hopefully be able to start to get things put back in.  Pictures of the finished project will follow (eventually!)

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