Who are we?

For those that don’t already know us, allow me to introduce ourselves – I am Tara and my partner in crime is Owen.

The boat:  Solstice Tide is a 36′ Van De Stadt Seal which Owen bought as a hull about 15 years ago – her first trip at sea was aboard a BC Ferry! – he had previously completed a “rough in” of the interior, as well as building the mast and rigging the boat.   I have sailed with Owen for the past 5 1/2 years and we have been discussing this dream of cutting the dock lines for nearly as long.

We met sailing – we both race on other people’s boats and met doing Sunday racing in Nanaimo, BC and at longer distance Regattas – finally the Van Isle 360 in 2011 had us spending more time together and the rest is history.

owen and tara at swiftsure 2010  here we are hanging out on the docks at a Swiftsure Race about a year before we started dating (May, 2010)

I am a prairie girl – born and raised in Sherwood Park, Alberta – there is not a whole lot of sailing in Sherwood Park (or any for that matter).  I had my first taste of sailing on a lake in Alberta when my stepdad bought a 26′ MacGregor and then later a Tanzer – my experience there was limited to an afternoon or two over the course of the very short summers (and the long-lasting motion after the fact).  When my parents retired to Vancouver Island, I had the opportunity to get out and do some more sailing, and most importantly, got my first taste of racing – I was hooked!  About five years after they moved out, I followed and have been sailing ever since.

Owen is an Island boy, but grew up mostly on power boats.  Owen was that 12 year old kid that is whizzing around in a tin fishing boat by himself that I shake my head at today!  He eventually bought his first sailboat (a 25′ US) and learned as he went.  He also joined the race world and that is where our worlds collided.

We have spent a lot of time out on Solstice Tide in the last 5 1/2 years (Queen Charlotte Islands, 2 trips to the San Juans, Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands, Princess Louisa Inlet and nearly every anchorage in the Gulf Islands) and intend to keep cruising her as we get ready to head for warmer climes.

Solstice Tide at Chatterbox Falls, Princess Louisa Inlet ….   and off the beach at Hot Springs Island, Queen Charlotte Islands

Our task for the next 4 years is to essentially redo the entire interior – first task the galley which is currently underway and to add a dodger and bimini for some sun protection.  The engine had a major overhaul last year (thanks to a blown head gasket) so we are crossing our fingers that all will be good in that department.

Okay – that was a long, boring, post – hopefully you now feel like you know a bit about us.

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