Here we go….

A date has been picked – May of 2021 we are out of here!!  No really – we have said for years that we were going to take off and sail to ports unknown – well now we have put a deadline on that.

May of 2021 we are going to cut the docklines, heading out firstly on a circumnavigation of Vancouver Island – call it our shakedown cruise though we certainly don’t intend to stay tied to the dock for the next 4 years.

Once we have made our way around the Island (slowly), we will point the boat south with stops in San Francisco (because who doesn’t want to sail under the Golden Gate Bridge!?) and then on the San Diego where we will wait for the start of the Baja Haha.

On arrival in Baja, we intend to spend about 14 months in the Sea of Cortez – after that the plans are a bit more loose – probably the Marquesas, French Polynesia and then perhaps onto New Zealand before heading home via Hawaii.   We may also spend time in Central America before jumping the pond – who knows?

How long will we be gone?  Well I guess that will depend on a few factors – how long the money lasts, are there still places to explore on our route, are we still having fun?

We will now spend the next few years tearing the boat apart, putting her back together and still trying to save money and pay off all bills.  While we are doing that we will still get her out on weekend cruises and for summer holidays – she won’t be stuck at the dock all this time!

We have started the demolition – but more on that on another post.

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