Boat Weekends

It is a long weekend and naturally that must mean we will be on the boat…. right??   Well it is November and we don’t yet have heat installed so I guess we are staying tied to a dock… oh and did I mention the forecast is for rain… alllll weekend??

We made it down Friday night just before the rain started…  2 hours later I finally had pillows and duvets out of their winter ziplock bags, the bed made and dinner almost ready.  It was an early night…  Owen was sound asleep on the settee by 9:30 and I think I made it to 10:30 before I realized I had read the same page several times.  Such is boat life.

Luckily, with fleece sheets, our boat is a cozy place to be – so cozy that, at about 2am, realizing that the rain had momentarily stopped, I opened the hatch just to cool us down!!

Saturday morning dawned with a lull in the rain but a frigid interior… I snuck out of bed long enough to fire up the spaceheater and then dove back into bed.  An hour later the need for coffee finally drew me out…  and what could be better than warm blankets, strong coffee and a good book on a Saturday morning??


Owen decided that we should take a break in the rain to pump out the boat and move it to the visitor dock (our winter home).  Unfortunately a very strong wind and current made that difficult – my attempt to put us on the pump out dock was a miss and Owen took over to try to correct the situation…  unfortunately the wind and current had different ideas and we ended up kissing a piling before making it out of the fairway… he decided to opt for the windward side of the pump-out dock figuring it would be easier…  after nearly taking the emergency station off with our anchor, we were finally secured and could pump out.  Now we had to move to our spot on the dock…  about 42 foot space for our 36 foot boat and the spot was on the leeward side of the dock…  this should be fun.   We enlisted a boat neighbor to help who nearly ran away when she realized where we were putting the boat…  luckily the spot was more protected and with our neighbor and I to catch lines, Owen expertly drove her into the tight spot.  Another hour of tidying, tieing down the dinghy and filling water tanks and we were settled for the winter!!

We have now enjoyed a delicious (if I do say so myself!) enchilada casserole and are listening to the rain pound on the deck… maybe tomorrow will be slightly more productive… or maybe not!!

This is what I love about boat weekends… if we don’t accomplish anything, we can call it a vacation!!


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